The Square Head People.

The Square Head People are part of an ongoing series of small portraits. They are a mixture of people known and unknown to us and together form a sea of faces, an imaginary crowd. When shown together, they will be randomly juxtaposed and socially undistanced. 

The world has changed. The Square Head People represent a memory of the past and a hope for the future.

eye talk.
big hat lady.
The Five Senses. Vision.
Eyes That See.

The Lockdown Squares.

Weird times, the 'new normal' by its very definition is not at all normal.

The Lockdown Diary series of mosaics is a record of aspects of the lockdown that have become an unexpected essential part of everyday life. 

We have all had to learn to pull together whilst remaining apart, adjusting to the mercurial shape-shifting rules of encounter.

The observation of social distance and lack of spontaneous interaction is a constant challenge and one that for some is overwhelming and unbearable.

mask number 2.
mask number 1.
Dr Martens Best Foot Forward. Socially Distanced Shopping Feet.
Internal Landscape. Lungs.
Masked Up Conversation.
Family Outing.
Stay Alert Flipflop Feet.
Freshly Laundered Hands.

Works on Paper.

We have called our latest series of drawings and watercolours "The Magic Carpet Miniatures".

They are journeys of imagination, narratives of events, which are real, remembered and invented. 

They are interwoven through time and continents, the safest way to travel during a pandemic. 

We take a random starting point and journey wherever our storytelling and mark making takes us.